GMI Studio Architects / Ghias ALMasri

Dear Visitor,

Welcome, and thank you for gracing our renewed architecture website with your presence. Your visit means a lot to us, and we’ve taken great care to upgrade our site to align with your refined taste.

Allow me to introduce myself – I’m Ghias Al Masri, a passionate designer with roots in the beautiful land of Kuwait. I am proud to have received design awards in the illustrious city of Milan, acknowledging my work on several remarkable houses. My expertise lies in residential design, and my approach is characterized by a fusion of opulent modernity, raw and unique materials, and an unwavering commitment to sustainable architecture.

One of the core tenets of my design philosophy is the reduction of energy consumption, and I achieve this through innovative and sustainable practices. What truly sets my work apart is my reverence for nature. I embrace the transformative power of plants, shrubs, trees, and grass, seamlessly incorporating them into architectural structures. In doing so, I breathe life into lifeless buildings, making nature an integral part of the architectural masses and infusing them with vitality.